Set new hires up for success

与the right strategy and technology, new hires are set up to become productive and active members of the company faster and immediately ingrained in the company culture.

Engage new hires the moment an offer is accepted – no matter where they sit

  • Design a personalized welcome experience

  • 自动执行管理操作的任务执行

  • 组织重要的公司资源

  • Lay a consistent framework for your onboarding process

  • Improve your processes with insightful reports and new hire feedback

  • Evaluate your onboarding performance


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Here’s how it works.


Integrate new team members faster


  • Provide an organized hub of useful resources
  • 介绍团队成员
  • 帮助熟悉公司文化和政策的新员工
  • 灌输一种联系感,并属于偏远的员工

Get organized and keep everyone informed

Develop a consistent plan that brings structure to your onboarding process. Predetermine which actions need to be completed for employees in each office, by role and team, and easily organize documents for new hires to sign electronically.

  • Get your internal teams on the same page so each person knows their onboarding role through a set of automated tasks and reminders
  • Hold stakeholders accountable for their role in welcoming new hires
  • Configure an email flow that lets new hires know about next steps
  • Help remote teams get organized and stay informed



  • Save time by setting up a structured process to get information and paperwork done on time
  • Define and manage your operations – set onboarding tasks for specific roles, office locations, employee statuses and other criteria
  • 分配所有者,通知和自动提醒,以简化任务完成
  • Seamlessly sync new hire information from Greenhouse Recruiting to Greenhouse Onboarding
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Evaluate your onboarding performance


  • Work efficiently with hiring managers and department leads to make sure all new hires have everything they need for onboarding

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Learn how Greenhouse Recruiting can help you effectively and measurably make smarter hiring decisions.

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What’s included:


Welcome experience


  • 反馈
  • 电子邮件
  • Automated task management



What’s included:



  • New hire signature
  • 计数器签名
  • Customized information collection on documents

Integration ecosystem

  • ADP


188bet安卓APP温室Welcomeis a good fit if you want to go beyond the logistics of onboarding and focus primarily on the new hire experience.


Trang Le

Our onboarding processes have improved tremendously with Greenhouse Onboarding. The customized approach has made us more adaptable and enabled us to put the employee experience first.”

Trang Le


Dom Meritt

Onboarding is an important part of our strategy to give new hires confidence that we’re committed to their growth and building an inclusive culture that they’ll want to be a part of long-term.”

Dom Meritt

VP of People (Chief People Officer)

Lauryn Evdokimov

Very user friendly, great customer support, streamlines hiring and onboarding process, increases new hire engagement, great for businesses of all sizes”

Lauryn Evdokimov


Is your hiring strategy ready for what’s next?

Learn more about Greenhouse Hiring Maturity and find out if your company is moving up the curve.

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