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Considering a new ATS?

To empower you as you evaluate a new talent acquisition solution – whether that’s today or in the future – we've built out a full set of resources, including an RFP template, to help you put your plans into action.

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Efficiently source passive and active talent


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Create a positive hiring experience

188bet安卓APP温室helps large organizations create a customized hiring process so everyone – from hiring managers to recruiters to candidates – has an equitable and positive experience with your brand.

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188bet安卓APP温室is the only hiring platform to offer research-backed tools to reduce unconscious bias. We can help you create a more equitable hiring process to meet your DE&I goals.

188bet安卓APP温室unconscious bias prompts


188bet安卓APP温室has a robust, flexible array of tools that make it easy to get answers from your data, giving everyone the insights they need to make better, more informed hiring decisions.

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We can integrate with any platform through our open API and have the industry’s largest ecosystem with 300+ integration partners. Avoid workflow disruption as Greenhouse works with the systems your team is already using.

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Intelligent software designed to scale with you

We can help you scale as your company takes on what’s next. Advanced data configuration, permissions, workflows and a globalized interviewer experiencehelp you meet the demands of the most complex business systems.

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Security you can trust

Every part of the Greenhouse platform safeguards you and your candidates’ critical information across a secure and redundant global infrastructure.


  • ISO 27001认证
  • 使客户能够符合GDPR和CCPA管理数据
  • Undergoes a SOC 2 Type 2 audit annually

Set new hires up for success

The Welcome tier of Greenhouse Onboarding engages new hires the moment an offer is accepted – no matter where they sit, whether that’s down the hall or in a different time zone. Build a seamless and personal experience that creates a sense of purpose and belonging for new hires from day one.

188bet安卓APP温室Onboarding welcome experience

Custom services to meet your needs

188bet安卓APP温室Services help you become expert users faster, so you can more efficiently and effectively hire, onboard and retain talent. Our Services team of experts can help you build, connect, integrate and optimize your hiring process to get better results, faster.



Shane Noe

Director, Recruiting Operations & Analytics, Okta

Shane Noe

Industry recognition





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