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Why a strong DE&I strategy is crucial for engineering team hiring success

Greenhouse Talent Acquisition Manager Melissa Lobel had the chance to put these concepts in practice when she was building out a DE&I strategy for hiring the Data Migration Engineering team at Greenhouse. Through a fortuitous chain of events, all the previous team members had been promoted to other roles, so Melissa found herself needing to build the team from scratch. We caught up with Melissa to hear how she approached this process with a true Talent Maker mentality and committed to creating opportunities for folks from backgrounds that have been historically underrepresented on tech teams.

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Article, Candidate sourcing, DE&I

How to incorporate diversity and inclusion into your candidate sourcing strategy

Incorporating diversity and inclusion into your candidate sourcing strategy is essential to find and attract great talent. Some of the best candidates come from diverse backgrounds and underrepresented communities and have a variety of experiences, perspectives and ideas to bring to the table. Read on to learn about how to broaden and diversify your sourcing efforts in order to tap into a wider range of talented candidates.

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Article, Recruiting metrics

Setting recruitment goals: What everyone needs to know for 2023

What exactly are recruitment goals and which ones should you be setting for 2023? We’ll explore these questions and share some insights from Maria Culbertson, Senior Manager of Talent Planning & Acquisition and Michelle Yoshihara, Manager of Talent Planning at Greenhouse.

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Key questions to ask to find the right sourcing tool

In today's competitive hiring market, finding top talent is crucial for your organization's success. One way to effectively find candidates is by using a sourcing tool. With so many options available, it can be difficult to determine which solution is the best one for your team. That's why it's essential to ask the right questions during demos and discovery calls with potential vendors. We've compiled a list of key topics and questions to guide you in your search for the best candidate sourcing tool for your team.

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Article, Candidate experience, Employer brand

Talent Makers success stories: How a positive client relationship resulted in a great new hire

Being a Talent Maker means you’re open to engaging with talent everywhere – not just in your official candidate pipeline. You might even be surprised to find great talent through simple client relationship management. Rippling Technical Account Manager Jay Chonillo’s story is a perfect example of this. We caught up with Jay to hear more about his story and learn how the Talent Makers at Rippling made these somewhat unlikely career moves possible.

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Article, Company culture

Celebrating people-first companies – here’s what they do differently

People-first companies are synonymous with success. To provide color to this concept, we wanted to hear from a few people living and breathing this mindset – passionate folks at Greenhouse customer companies. Leaders from game-changing organizations like Movable Ink, SeatGeek, Taboola, Tacombi and more shared their moving stories about how their companies are putting people first.

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Article, Company culture, Talent strategy

Back in action: Returning to work from sabbatical

In an earlier blog post, we shared how to prepare for a sabbatical or an extended time off from work. This is a follow-up that focuses on an equally important part of any leave program: setting up your hopefully well-recharged self for a successful return.

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Paving the way for belonging and diversity in tech at AFROTECH 2022

你得到当你汇集25000砖ght minds for an innovative Black tech conference in Austin, Texas? Creativity, networking, learning and a collective sense of belonging. Here are three key takeaways that you can apply, for yourself, your team and your organization, that will help you build a better foundation for inclusivity.

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