Permissions:Job Admins, who can create, edit, and delete job posts, and Site Admins

Product tier:Available for all subscription tiers

WithAuto-Tag, you can set upApplication Rulesso that will automatically assign a certain tag to a candidate based on their answers during their application. You can then use these tags to filter theAll Candidatespage to get a more specific view of your available candidates.

Example:For the custom job post question, "What cities are you available to work in?", you can configure Auto-Tagging so candidates who answerBostonare automatically tagged withAvailable for Boston.

Create custom candidate tags

Note:To create custom candidate tags, Job Admin users must also have the user-specific permissionCan manage company metadata.

导航到Custom Optionspage and selectCandidate Tags.(ConfigureiconIcon_-_Configure__redesign_.png>Custom Options>Candidates Tags)

Screenshot of candidates tag option

ClickCreate New Candidate Tag.

Screenshot of create new candidate tag button

Enter a label for your tag and clickCreate Candidate Tag.

Screenshot of new tag save button

Create a custom job post question

After you create a custom candidate tag, you'll need to add a custom job post question that will be associated with your application rule.

Note:Auto-Tagging can be configured only for questions of the following type:
  • Yes/No
  • Single select
  • Multi select

导航到Job Poststab for the job where you want to assign tags.(Jobs> select a job from the list >Job Setup>Job Posts)

Click the Edit iconedit.pngnext to the job post.

Screenshot of edit job post button

Scroll down the page to theCustom Application Questionsection and clickAdd Custom Question.

Screenshot of add custom question field

Enter your question in the text field and choose the question type.

Note: Remember, auto-tagging rules can only be used on Yes/No, single-select, and multi-select question types.

Screensho t of question type

If you chose a single-select or multi-select question, list the response choices in theOptionsfield. When you have finished, clickAdd.

Screenshot of add button

Scroll to the bottom of theEdit Job Postpage and clickSaveto confirm the changes.

Screenshot of save button

Create an auto-tag application rule

After you create a custom tag and define an application question, you'll create an application rule that will automatically tag any matching candidates.

To create a new rule, stay on the Job Posts page on a job, and clickManage Rules在应用规则column.

Note:This button will have a different label (such as2 Rules) if you previously added application rules.

Screenshot of manage rules button

ClickAdd a Rule. If you want to modify an existing rule to auto-tag candidates, click theEditiconEditinstead.

Screenshot of add a rule button

Select your job post question and the candidate's response in the top half of the page. Then, select theTag复选框。

Screenshot of tag field

Select the correct tags from the dropdown menu. You can select more than one tag.

When you're finished, clickSave.

View auto-tagged candidates

You can view any automatically tagged candidates by selecting the tag in theCandidate Tagfilter on theCandidatespage.


For more detailed information on filtering candidates,click here.