What are recruitment KPIs?



There are a few general elements that define a KPI. They arekey, which means they focus on the most important metrics. They’reperformance-related, which means they’re tied to business objectives. And they’reindicators,这意味着您应该将它们视为头条新闻,而不是整个故事。

Some disciplines, like sales and marketing, already have industry-wide measures of success and opportunities they set goals against. This makes it easier to benchmark across an organization and against peers in other companies.

Within recruiting, we don’t tend to see the same standardization, but Greenhouse does have some recruitment KPIs we recommend to help you address each stage of the recruiting funnel.

Top recruitment KPIs you should know

KPI #1: Qualified candidates per opening

就像营销和销售措施合格的潜在客户一样,招聘人员可以衡量达到面试过程中第一个里程碑的合格候选人的数量。这是一个领先的指标,表明面试渠道正在充满潜在的员工。在Gr188bet安卓APPeenhouse,我们通过与招聘人员的电话中的第二阶段进行申请审查来衡量它。要了解有关此KPI的更多信息,请查看this blog post.

KPI #2: Candidate survey results

You can measure candidate survey results by the proportion of candidates who answer “Yes” or “Strong Yes” to the prompt “Overall, my candidate experience was a positive one” in a post-interview survey, like theone offered through Greenhouse. You can learn more about this KPI and why it’s so important to prioritize the candidate experience inthis blog post.


Days to offer allows you to track how quickly candidates move through your recruiting and interview process. This KPI measures the number of days that pass between when people apply and when they ultimately accept or reject an offer. You can average this across all roles to get a sense of the true average speed of your interview process.Learn more about this KPI here.

KPI #4: Offer acceptance rate


KPI #5: Hires to goal

员工目标衡量你正在开会哟ur hiring objectives overall. At the outset of every year and quarter (or maybe even every month), your team sets a specific goal for the number of hires required. The goal set should consider how long it takes to build a job req, fill a funnel with quality candidates, move these candidates through the process and close an offer. The output of that analysis is a number, like 32 hires in Q3. Tracking and reporting on your organization’s progress toward the goal is a critical component of measuring your recruiting success. Read more about this KPI这里.


If you’re already a Greenhouse customer, report dashboards enable you to:

  • 获取即时答案在招聘阶段,招聘效率,人才采购和管道健康方面最重要的问题118金博宝

  • Save timewith greater clarity and discoverability across any data point filtered by department, office, role and/or date range, without the hassle of pulling individual reports

  • Optimize team performancewith hiring insights accessible to any team member, unlocking actions to improve your hiring process while easing the burden on recruiting operations

You can use report dashboards to pull data on the most common recruitment KPIs, including:


  • Offer acceptance rate

  • Average time to fill

  • 平均雇用时间

  • 优惠扩展

  • Offers accepted

  • Hires to goal

Recruiting efficiency

  • Average time to fill or days to offer

  • 平均雇用时间

  • 舞台的平均时间

  • Applications over time


  • 提交的推荐

  • 潜在客户添加了

  • 内部申请人

  • Applications over time


  • 每个开放的合格候选人

  • 当前空缺数量

  • 开放工作的数量

  • Applications over time

  • Pipeline history

  • 候选调查结果

Learn more about Greenhouse report dashboards here.


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