New Hire Pre-Boarding: Why waiting until Day 1 to start onboarding is too late


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Most of us can remember that awkward feeling of being the new kid. That moment when you walked into the classroom or cafeteria, heart pounding, stomach in knots, searching for a friendly face and wondering how you’d gotten yourself into this conundrum in the first place.


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Luckily, there are several things employers can do to welcome new hires and try to minimize those awkward moments as much as possible.Onboardingprograms allow companies to boost employees’ time to productivity and retention, and pre-boarding sets the stage for that experience.


What is pre-boarding?

Pre-boarding is the process of making use of the time between when a candidate signs an offer letter and when they begin their first day at your company.

You can capitalize on this time by sharing information about your office and policies, taking care of logistics like tax and legal paperwork, prepping new hires for what to expect once they begin, and maybe even surprising and delighting them a bit.


1. It eliminates first-day jitters for new hires.

One main reason first days are so nerve-racking is that there’s so much uncertainty. They’re in an unfamiliar environment and have a lot of questions: Where are the bathrooms? How does the coffee machine work? What should they do for lunch?

通过在第一天之前列出常见问题解答并与新员工分享,您可以帮助缓解他们的焦虑。You show them that you’re being thoughtful about their first experiences, and you can also use this as on opportunity to introduce their point of contact (generally someone from your People Team, but it could also be your office manager if you’re in a smaller company). This means they’ll arrive at the office feeling confident and having a better idea about who to address their questions to. Empowering new hires with information makes them much less likely to second-guess their decision to join your company.


Most people arrive at a new job feeling excited and ready to get down to business. The only problem is that much of their first day is spent filling out paperwork like tax forms, NDAs, invention get the picture.

But if someone has already committed to working with you by signing your offer letter, you can send the new hire these documents right away and ask them to sign on their own time. If you’re already delivering and accepting electronic offer letters, sending tax forms and legal paperwork shouldn’t be too much of a challenge.



If you’re managing a new hire, you want to make sure that you start your relationship off on the right foot, and that means putting some thought into their first day beforehand. Employees want to feel like they’re making a positive contribution to your company as soon as possible, and pre-boarding helps facilitate faster ramp time by answering their questions and taking care of administrative tasks before they even set foot in the office.

In her recent white paper, “How to Understand the ROI of Investing in People”,我们的人员和战略副总裁Maia Josebachvili表示,一个更好的入职计划(包括预董事会,新的雇用经验和培训)可以将员工的坡道时间降低30%。此外,据布兰登·霍尔集团(Brandon Hall Group)称,具有强大的入职过程的组织将新员工保留率提高了82%,生产率提高了70%以上。

Clearly, pre-boarding is not just for giving new hires a great experience; it also has major impact on the business. It’s time for you to invest in pre-boarding!


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梅利莎·苏苏诺(Melissa Suzuno)

梅利莎·苏苏诺(Melissa Suzuno)

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