Creating harmony between the candidate experience & new hire experience

Candidate to new hire experience

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Recruiting teams spend a lot of time crafting the perfect candidate experience. But what happens once the offer is extended? Many companies pour time and energy into their candidate experience, only to leave new hires to fend for themselves—sometimes neglecting to even have a chair or computer ready for their first day arrival.

在入职招聘中付出一些额外的努力可能会带来重大好处 -SHRM最近的入职报告,提供有结构化入职经验的新员工在公司工作三年以上的可能性高69%。这是有道理的:帮助员工以意图和目的开始,这会导致他们在所做的工作中感到更加投入,并更多地关心您的公司。

Creating a structured onboarding program sounds like a lot of work (and it is!) but we’ve got some good news: Many of those good habits you’ve been building up in your candidate experience can easily be translated into creating a meaningful new hire experience, too. Here are a few ways to promote harmony between the candidate and new hire experiences.


在招聘过程中,你知道我有多重要s to set clear expectations between recruiters, hiring managers, and the rest of the hiring team. During onboarding, you’ll also need support from various teams (IT, HR/People, Facilities, etc.) to help new hires get set up. By creating a clear set of roles, responsibilities, and timelines for the onboarding experience, you can feel confident that your new hires will have everything they need to start off on the right foot, whether it’s building access information, a computer and workstation, and even someone to eat lunch with on their first day.

Hiring managers should expect to play an instrumental role in the onboarding experience. In addition to helping new hires learn about the working environment and expectations for their role, hiring managers can also ensure that everything else in the onboarding process is running smoothly. The People team at Elastic creates a list of tasks that’s shared with both the hiring manager and the new hires. This way, hiring managers know what should be happening at each stage of the onboarding process and can check in with their new hires to make sure they have everything they need and can bubble up any issues to the People team right away. Learn more about how Elastic manages this process in their “雇用经理作为有影响力的入职伙伴” Greenhouse Open 20188bet安卓APP18的演讲。


The hiring process is an opportunity to showcase your company values, whether it’s throughCulture Add interviews,将候选人介绍给您的首席执行官或高管,或邀请他们像团队其他任何成员一样参加活动。新的雇用体验提供了另一个机会,以巩固您对这些价值观的承诺,并重申新员工对加入的决定的信心。


It’s no surprise that employees at VaynerMedia, a full-service digital marketing agency, are particularly savvy on social media. The company celebrates this by handing new hires the reigns to a private Instagram account that’s just for employees. New hires can catalogue their first week on the job through photos and stories. This not only helps them build relationships with their new colleagues, but it lets them participate in company culture in a way that’s uniquely suited to VaynerMedia. PolicyGenius and VaynerMedia shared their approach to new hire onboarding with the OPEN audience earlier this year. Watch the “为您的业务建立登机” presentation to hear more details.



Cindy Gordon, VP of People at PolicyGenius, explains“重要的是要考虑个人的经历,而不仅仅是招聘经理的需求。”这就是为什么PolicyGenius实施了一个队列系统,因此新员工作为一个小组而不是独自一人进行了入职编程的原因。Airbnb采用类似的方法,基于同类系统产生牢固纽带的信念。Global Head of Employee Experience at Airbnb Mark Levysays, “We create belonging by enabling them to form a group that hopefully stays together as they progress here through their careers.”

Elastic在世界各地的30多个国家 /地区拥有员工,但飞行了加利福尼亚州山景城公司总部的所有新员工,使他们有机会相互联系。在访问山景城之前,人民团队主持了一个电话,新员工可以询问他们对入职或设置在Elastic工作的后勤问题的问题。在总部的一周中,有很多欢乐时光和晚餐,因此新员工可以互相认识并建立联系。

4. Be open to feedback

A great candidate experience relies oninput from candidates。By learning their strengths and areas for improvement, the recruiting team can iterate and make improvements over time. Similarly, a good onboarding experience relies on feedback from participants. This is especially important as your company grows and the tactics that worked in the past may no longer serve your team.


The onboarding experience is a critical step that sets the tone for the employee experience. That’s why it’s essential to take a thoughtful and intentional approach to every step a new hire will take in their first days, weeks, and months on the job. By putting some of the tips we discussed today into practice, you can create a seamless transition from candidate to new hire to successful employee.

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梅利莎·苏苏诺(Melissa Suzuno)