5 elements of a winning employee onboarding program



您花了很多时间和精力来管理candidate experience。You think about how to communicate with candidates during their application process, how to streamline phone and on-site interviews, and how to collect feedback so that you can improve any areas where you let them down.

But let’s say that you’ve successfully navigated all those steps and made an offer. Time to pop some bubbly and celebrate for a moment!



New hire onboarding is complex (so complex, in fact, that we wrote an entire eBook about it!), but we’ve boiled it down to a handful of essential elements.





  • 让新员工填写您的文书工作,例如您的NDA,发明协议和税收表。

  • 为新员工提供第一天的详细时间表(包括通往办公室的指示,与他们会见的人的名字以及他们计划在午餐时做什么)。

  • Share a copy of your employee handbook and guide to benefits.

  • 允许新员工要求其首选的桌子/计算机/设备设置。

  • Give new hires access to your company intranet or onboarding software likeGreenhouse Onboardingso they can familiarize themselves with their coworkers.

  • Share contact information for HR staff or employees who can address their questions prior to their start date.

2. Take it beyond HR

It’s true that your new hires have a lot of business to take care of with your HR or People Operations team, but their onboarding experience should involve people from throughout the company.

For starters, your new hire’s direct manager and teammates can handle a lot of the tasks related to how things are done in their department. They’ll be the ones to share processes and workflows as well as expectations around performance. Your HR team doesn’t necessarily need to tell direct managers exactly how to onboard new team members, but it’s a good idea to check in and make sure they have some processes in place to give a consistent experience to those who join their team.



3. Invest in employees’ long-term development




Month 2 Goal:发展特定软件的能力。

Month 3 Goal:与至少两个部门的成员一起参加一个项目。



You can get as creative as you’d like when you assign tasks to new hires.

Here are just a few of the ways cutting-edge employers are making onboarding interactive and fun:

  • Offer a lending library of books that have influenced the company’s founders.

  • 在办公室周围的寻宝游戏中发送新员工。如果您设计它是为了鼓励与不同部门的人互动的奖励积分!

  • 与一类新员工和一个联合创始人一起进行问答,以解决有关公司历史,愿景和方向的所有问题。

  • Decorate the new hire’s desk with balloons, a welcome sign, their favorite breakfast food, or all three!

  • Throw a “New Hires Celebration” party for all employees who have been at the company for 100 days or fewer.

5. Don't forget feedback


One easy way to get feedback is to put a new hire survey in place. You can send it at the end of the first week, first month, or any other time when you think new hires might have something to say.

获得反馈的另一种方法是要求新员工向人团队or other stakeholders on how they’d improve the onboarding process. You get great feedback and you also show your new hires that their voices are heard and their opinions are valued—it’s a win-win!

As you can see, when it comes to new hire onboarding, there’s a lot to cover! We’ve introduced some of the basics in this post, but if you’d like to dive deeper and get access to timelines and checklists to help you with each step of onboarding, be sure to download our “New hire onboarding guide.”

Melissa Suzuno

Melissa Suzuno

is a freelance writer and former Content Marketing Manager at Greenhouse. Melissa previously built out the content marketing programs at Parklet (an onboarding and employee experience solution) and AfterCollege (a job search resource for recent grads), so she's made it a bit of a habit to help people get excited about and invested in their work. Find Melissa onTwitterandLinkedIn