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Developed for enterprise HR teams, My Ally is the leading Talent Lifecycle Management solution. Our Source-to-Retain platform gives organizations the tools to discover, hire, onboard, and retain the right people to fuel business.

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Your AI recruiting assistant for coordination

Meet Sky

年代ky is My Ally’s artificial intelligence assistant for Talent Lifecycle Management: sourcing, scheduling, hiring, onboarding, retention, development, and offboarding.

  • 年代ingle-Source AI:One bot to manage your entire talent experience.
  • Conversational Intelligence:天空让数据流动从温室。188bet安卓APP
  • One Experience:Make sure every candidate/employee has the same experience.


Hiring top talent begins with assembling a great pool of qualified active and passive candidates. My Ally helps you discover and attract the right people with AI-powered sourcing.

  • Customizable Talent Shortlisting Engine
  • AI-Driven Candidate Scoring & Matching
  • Candidate Outreach Campaigns


Reduce the cost and time it takes to hire, increase acceptance rates, and improve the candidate experience. My Ally helps you hire the right talent with AI-powered recruitment coordination.

  • AI-Assisted Scheduling and Time Negotiation
  • Activity Center with Full Log of AI Actions
  • Live Link: Time Slot Selection for Candidates


Improve the quality and speed of onboarding to reduce the time to full productivity, and build AI-driven development plans to keep employees engaged longer with AI-powered retention.

  • Custom Onboarding Plans
  • Upskilling & Cross-Skilling
  • Next-Gen HR Front Desk

Business Impact

  • Enjoy the confidence of10x more relevant candidates
  • 年代chedule interviews 5x fasterwith AI interviewer negotiation
  • Hire great talent with40% higher offer acceptancerate
  • Remove frustration for new hires with25% faster onboarding