Join can publish jobs on hundreds of job boards.

Join is a talent attraction software that includes a multi-posting solution that helps companies to generate more candidates with minimal effort. Recruiters can create simple and beautiful job ads that are optimized for helping as many candidates as possible to apply. All jobs are automatically published on 10+ free job boards (number depends on job location).

Recruiters have access to additional paid job boards where they can increase the reach of their jobs and improve candidate fit at a reduced price. Join also offers “Flexible Spending”, an innovative solution that automatically allocate the budget allocated on a job to the most relevant job boards based on the information generated from thousands of companies and millions of jobs already published. Flexible Spending leads to better and faster results at a reduced cost, while giving recruiters full control over the budget and hiring priorities.

How the integration works:

  1. Follow the installation guide and provide your Join onboarding team with the required information (Harvest API key and User Id)
  2. Jobs on Join will be automatically created, updated and removed to mirror the jobs on your Greenhouse account
  3. Jobs on Join are published on all free job boards and you can log into your account to purchase access to Flexible Spending or paid job boards
  4. Candidates will find your jobs on those job boards and will be able to apply effortlessly
  5. Candidates are sent to Greenhouse instantly after the application on Join and updated if more documents are added after the application