Customer-like experience for candidates in hiring

Hyreo stands for delivering a ‘customer-like’ experience for candidates throughout the recruiting process. Hyreo plugs directly into the Greenhouse installation and your recruiting teams can set up a highly configurable 24/7 candidate support engine. Be available anytime for candidates, answer their questions, take feedback and assist them at each step of the recruiting. Hyreo also comes with inbuilt intelligent automation tools to automate recurring recruiter activities and be more productive in a virtual hiring environment.


At Hyreo, we believe that for making recruiting a predictable experience, both candidate and recruiter challenges need to be addressed. Candidates need to be effectively engaged during the active pipeline stages and beyond. And the recruiter role should transform from being operational to a strategic talent relationship champion.

Key features

Hyreo combines a recruiting CRM with deep conversational AI capabilities. The conversational AI is more effective than traditional email based models for collecting or pushing data to prospect hires. With Hyreo candidates can:

  • Access data: Company info, job info, employment policies and more
  • Share details: Feedback, NPS, Talent brand perception etc
  • Stay connected and get questions answered anytime
  • Setup meetings or reschedule meetings
  • Onboarding support: Info, document submission and new joiner training

The CRM tools in Hyreo helps recruiters to analyze key enterprise data, automate daily tasks and run more activities in a virtual mode.

  • Analyst NPS and candidate sentiments
  • Setup pre-screening tests
  • Run virtual hiring events
  • Track candidate propensity to join
  • Zero touch on-boarding with status tracking

Why Hyreo ?

Hyreo is a great step forward in ensuring your candidates are connected with your team at all times. Build long term relationships with them and build connected talent communities at scale. Key benefits of using intelligent automation in candidate experience leveraging Hyreo include:

  • Enhanced employer brand
  • Consistent and scalable candidate engagement
  • Optimized recruiter efforts
  • Improved offer to hire conversion
  • Lower cost of hire
  • Higher quality of hire

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