Greenhouse Onboarding

Build a new hire experience that begins the moment an offer is accepted

Improve the onboarding experience

At Greenhouse, we design tools that help companies create and navigate the new world of work. Our customers are some of the most innovative, respected brands in their market, and are committed to empowering their people to excel. With Greenhouse Onboarding, organizations cultivate a great new hire experience, setting their teams up to be successful from day one.

Deliver a great new hire experience

Greenhouse Onboarding helps companies carry the excitement candidates feel from offer acceptance through a new hire’s first day - so they become and stay engaged.

Improve onboarding collaboration

Effective onboarding requires efforts from multiple departments, not just HR. Greenhouse Onboarding fosters collaboration through task management and clear delegation of responsibilities.

Automate administrative tasks

Between sending out communications, collecting necessary documents, and making sure the right people are completing the right tasks on-time, there's a lot to keep track of when bringing on a new hire. Greenhouse Onboarding automates manual tasks to save you time and reduce human error.

Create a consistent process

The more efficiently you onboard, the happier new hires are and the sooner they add value to your company. Creating a consistent process enables you to measure your onboarding effectiveness and improve over time.

设立新的hires up for success

The Welcome tier of Greenhouse Onboarding engages new hires the moment an offer is accepted – no matter where they sit, whether that’s down the hall or in a different time zone. Build a seamless and personal experience that creates a sense of purpose and belonging for new hires from day one.

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