Welcome to the candidate relationship era

Welcome to the candidate relationship era

GoodTime Hire helps companies go beyond candidate experience and make every interview count.

It’s time to reinvent your hiring experience

Hire uses Candidate Relationship Intelligence to automate coordination, build better relationships during interviews, and provide actionable insights to continuously optimize the hiring process.

Connections go up, time-to-hire goes down

Automate interview scheduling and reminders to free up time for meaningful work, and to reduce friction for candidates. Making coordination painless for candidates is one of the simplest ways to show you care.

Form lasting connections with every candidate

During the interview process, Hire helps you connect with candidates on a deeper level with tools like intelligent interviewer matching, training, and automated load balancing. Imagine every candidate meeting a qualified, diverse group of interviewers during your hiring process.

Experiences fade, but genuine connections last. Sign up now to get more information.

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