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Track and analyze HR metrics from all your different HR systems in one real-time people dashboard.

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All your HR data in one real-time dashboard

Employee Cycle provides small and medium-sized companies with an all-in-one and data-driven view of the workforce. This happens by transforming disparate workforce data into a centralized, real-time, and goal-oriented HR dashboard. By leveraging the accessibility of APIs from a wide variety of cloud-based HR systems, companies can now understand their entire workforce in one place, serving as an automated “HR source of truth”.

When you connect Greenhouse to Employee Cycle, you can better answer questions around your recruiting process including the following:

• Am I hiring candidates fast enough to hit my hiring plan?
• Where are most of my candidates being sourced from?
• How efficient is my hiring funnel?
• Do I have enough candidates in my pipeline?

Also, since all of your data will be together, you’ll also be able to answer questions like the following all in the same place:

• Why is my turnover so high in specific departments?
• How much is turnover costing me?
• Why is our diversity so low in specific departments?
• Why aren’t many of our employees completing their performance reviews?

Having this automated "HR source of truth" simplifies the HR reporting process to make smarter decisions faster, allowing HR and People leaders to proactively identify and analyze workforce trends, save costs, and avoid risks.