最全面的全球background checks in 15 mins, without compromise. (USA, Canada and more!)

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Lightning fast, comprehensive background checks

Certn offers North America’s fastest, most compressive background checks. Our services include:


Softcheck is an all in one solution to identify risk using real-time public information. Designed to reduce the instances of high-risk hires, tenants and customers by delivering automated, intelligent customer screening and decision-ready intelligence. Softchecks include the following searches from 240 counties:

  • Public criminal and court
  • 不良媒体/负面新闻
  • Fraud watch lists
  • Known affiliations to gangs, terrorist organizations and other negative groups.
  • 外国资产控制办公室,你N, HMT, EU, DFAT, and many more
  • Sex offender registries
  • Domestic and international terrorist watchlists
  • Social media platforms for public social media profiles
  • Eviction records, corporate blacklists and other niche data from reputable sources.

Identity Verification:

  • Basic:As well as instantly confirming age and credit details, Basic eID utilizes a range of data sources to generate multi-choice questions and answers that only the true identity owner should know.
  • Enhanced:Industry leading physical identity verification in seconds. Using any internet enabled device, applicants simply take a photo of their physical ID and a selfie.

Canadian Criminal Record Checks:

  • The fastest RCMP Criminal Record Check (CPIC, PIP, FIP and niche database search)

US Criminal Record Checks:

  • National Criminal Record Check
  • State and County Criminal Records Search
  • Federal Criminal Records Check

Credit Reports

Motor Vehicle Records & Drivers Abstracts

Full Driving Records Check that provides records from every province (except Alberta) and all 50 states plus the District of Columbia. Reports detail:

  • License status
  • Violations and infractions
  • Accidents
  • Suspensions or revocations
  • Expiration date
  • Endorsements

Other Services

  • SSN Validation:Certn queries the SSN provided by the applicant against information provided by the Social Security Administration (SSA) to determine whether the SSN is a valid SSN, or whether the SSN is associated with a number on the SSA’s Death Master File. If the number is invalid or listed on the Death Master File, the Certn system prompts the applicant to provide additional documentation.
  • Address History Trace:The SSN Trace includes a compilation of addresses associated with the SSN. Based on this information and your package scope, Certn will use address history to determine which jurisdictions to search for court records.