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In today’s competitive recruiting market, it is more important than ever to connect with candidates as soon as they’re interested. This can be difficult when you have many roles to fill and very few resources. Losing hours from your busy days to back-and-forth emailing with top-of-funnel candidates takes away from more strategic recruitment efforts.

Automate scheduling with Calendly and give your candidates an outstanding interview experience every time, so you can focus on what you do best—sourcing, engaging and closing top talent. You’ll accelerate and simplify the entire hiring process by connecting with quality candidates faster and closing the interview loop sooner.

  • Improve time-to-hire metricsby empowering candidates to self-select their preferred interview times with recruiters and hiring managers.
  • Save hours each weekby reducing back-and-forth in coordinating high-volume, early stage interviews, like phone screens and one-on-ones.
  • Always come prepared and reduce no-shows通过收集信息custom questions and sending automatic reminder notifications.

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