Make better, faster and less biased hiring decisions

BrightHire is transforming how the world's fastest growing companies build talented and diverse teams by making the hiring process better, faster and more equitable.

Our next generation interview platform records, transcribes, and annotates interviews to bring evidence into every hiring decision, drive efficiency and collaboration across hiring teams, and give talent leaders unprecedented insight into the heart of their organization’s hiring practices. And because we’re built seamlessly into the ATS and on top of the tools your team already uses, hiring teams can use BrightHire without any change to their existing workflow.

The results? Better, faster hiring decisions. A fair and equitable hiring process. And the capability to drive consistency, rigor, and quality across every single candidate interaction - giving candidates the experience they truly deserve.

We're advised by Wharton Professor and renowned organizational psychologist Adam Grant and backed by the investors behind Figma, MongoDB, Instacart and DataDog. To learn more, visit us atwww.brighthire.aior


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