188bet安卓APP温室integrates with many candidate testing platforms, including code testing, video interviewing, personality testing, and more. We’ve created the Assessment Partner API to allow our customers to seemlessly integrate our Partners’ assessments into their Greenhouse interview workflow. This document outlines the end-user experience with the integration and the technical details of how to implement it.

Working with Greenhouse to implement the integration

To begin the integration process, please send the following information to us at

  1. URL for yourlist_testsAPI电话
  2. URL for yoursend_testAPI电话
  3. URL for yourtest_statusAPI电话
  4. A sample API key

这Partnerships team will configure endpoint URLs for creating assessment stages and provide next steps on receiving access to a Sandbox account to test the integration. If you are building an integration for use by mutual customers, we will need documentation on the integration for the Greenhouse Help Center.



Selecting the Test

温室进入该188bet安卓APP组织的API密钥后,将可以使用一个新的合作伙伴面试阶段。用户可以将此阶段添加到任何可以访问新评估合作伙伴阶段的工作的招聘计划。188bet安卓APP然后,温室将对列表测试端点to determine what tests the organization has configured.

Add Stage Image

Sending the Test

When a candidate reaches this Interview Stage, the user will click the “Send Test” button to send the test to the candidate via the发送测试端点。188bet安卓APP温室will send the Test ID and candidate email to the Assessment Partner, who will email the test to the candidate. The Assessment Partner will then send Greenhouse the ID for this unique test instance.

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Receiving the Test Results

188bet安卓APP温室will periodically poll the测试状态端点检索候选人的测试状态和结果。候选人完成测试后,Greenhouse将通知适当的用户测试已完成。188bet安卓APP用户将能够查看候选人的分数,导航到合作伙伴站点以查看更多详细信息,并在Greenhouse内做出预先或拒绝决定。188bet安卓APP用户还将能够通过得分并提高或拒绝批量候选人来过滤候选人。

另外,Greenhouse的评188bet安卓APP估API现在包括通过The Completed Note的测试通知温室的能力PATCH - Mark Test as Completed端点to avoid long polling!



When an organization decides to utilize a Assessment Partner’s integration, they will provide their Greenhouse Account Manager with their API key for that Assessment Partner.

188bet安卓APP温室will then make all requests for the organization using that API key as the username in Basic Authentication. Greenhouse will append a : (colon) to the API token and then Base64 encode the resulting string.

Upon receiving a request, the Assessment Partner should inspect the API key to determine whether the request should be permitted and which data should be returned.

Example Situation


Unless otherwise specified, API methods generally conform to the following:

Assessment API Change Log

这timestamps below are Eastern Time.

Date Description
2019年8月21日下午2:00:00 Added Change Log and General Consideration sections to the Assessment API documentation
2019年8月21日下午2:00:00 AddedPATCH - Mark Test as Completed端点

List Tests

188bet安卓APP温室will first need to retrieve the list of tests from the Assessment Partner using thelist_testsAPI端点。我们将向用户展示可用测试的列表,他们将为给定的候选人选择适当的测试。




188bet安卓APP温室will make a GET request to thelist_tests评估合作伙伴指定的端点。


API Response

[[{“合作伙伴_test_id”"12345",,,,"partner_test_name"“我的第一个测试”},,,,{“合作伙伴_test_id”"54321",,,,"partner_test_name""My Second Test"}这是给予的

这Assessment Partner’s response should include a JSON payload containing a list of test objects for the organization. Each test object should contain the keyspartner_test_idandpartner_test_name。

属性名称 Type Required Description
partner_test_id 细绳 是的 确定组织可用的测试。
partner_test_name 细绳 是的 测试的描述性标题。我们将使用此值UI作为测试标签。

Send Test

When a Greenhouse user sends a test to a candidate, Greenhouse will send a request to the Assessment Partner’ssend_testAPI端点。这Assessment Partner will then email the specified candidate the specified test.


{“合作伙伴_test_id”"12345",,,,"candidate"{"first_name"“哈利”,,,,"last_name"“波特”,,,,"resume_url"“”,,,,“电话号码”"123-456-7890",,,,"email"“”,,,,“188bet安卓APP greenhouse_profile_url”“ https://app188bet安卓 = 26234709”},,,,"url"""}

188bet安卓APP温室will initiate the process by sending a POST request to thesend_test评估合作伙伴指定的端点。这body of the POST request will contain a JSON payload.

属性名称 Type Required Description
partner_test_id 细绳 是的 确定组织可用的测试。最初作为对List Tests request
first_name 细绳 是的 这first name of the candidate.
last_name 细绳 是的 这last name of the candidate.
简历_url 细绳 No 候选人简历的URL。该网址将在请求后30天到期。
电话号码 细绳 No 候选人的电话号码。
电子邮件 细绳 是的 候选人的电子邮件地址。测试应发送到此地址。
188bet安卓APPGreenhouse_profile_url 细绳 是的 URL to the candidate’s Greenhouse application. Allows the partner to link back to Greenhouse.
url 细绳 是的 URL to which to send thePATCH Completed Testrequest, if using


这API Response


这response to thesend_testrequest should contain a JSON payload in its body. This payload should be a single object that contains a single key:partner_interview_id

属性名称 Type Required Description
partner_interview_id 细绳 是的 Identifies a candidate’s test.

PATCH - Mark Test as Completed

当候选人完成一个测试,把这request to the URL sent in the initial Send Test request to signal Greenhouse that the test has been completed. Upon this, Greenhouse will send a request to your Test Status endpoint.






这response will return only the HTTP status code.


If you have implemented the polling option:

After a successfulsend_testrequest, Greenhouse will check whether the test instance has been completed by polling thetest_status端点hourly. We will discontinue polling thetest_status端点after we receive apartner_statusofcomplete,,,,or after 8 weeks has passed since the test was sent.


After a successfulsend_testrequest, you can alert Greenhouse to updates of the test’s status by sending aPATCH Completed Testrequest to the URL found in theurlfield of thesend_test要求。这将触发测试状态温室的要求。188bet安卓APP


Tells Greenhouse the current status of a take home test.




188bet安卓APP温室will send aGETrequest to thetest_status评估合作伙伴提供的终点。这GETrequest will contain a single query string parameter:partner_interview_id

参数名称 Type Required Description
partner_interview_id 细绳 是的 Identifies a test instance for a candidate. Initially provided as a response to the发送测试请求


API Response

{"partner_status"“完全的”,,,,"partner_profile_url""",,,,"partner_score"81,,,,“元数据”{"Started At"“ 2014年3月26日上午10:15”,,,,"Completed At"“ 2014年3月26日上午10:15”,,,,“笔记”“这位候选人做得非常好!”}}

test_statusrequest should contain a JSON object in its body with up to four keys:partner_status,,,,partner_profile_url,,,,partner_score,,,,and元数据

属性名称 Type Required Description
partner_status 细绳 是的 Describes the current state of the test instance. If the test has been completed and results are available, this value should be“complete”.我们将继续进行调查,直到状态“完整”,或者自从发送测试以来8周之前。
partner_profile_url 细绳 仅当状态为complete URL to the candidate’s page on the Test Partner’s website.
partner_score Number No 数值得分反映了候选人在测试中的表现。
元数据 Object No A non-nested object containing keys and values that will be displayed in our test results. All of the values must be Javascript primitives.

Response Error

When Greenhouse receives a malformed response for any of Assessment Partner’s API endpoints, we would like to report the errors to the Assessment Partner. As such, each Assessment Partner should provide an API endpoint to ingest this information.



{"api_call""test_status",,,,“错误”[["partner_status is 'complete' but partner_profile url is missing"这是给予的,,,,“合作伙伴_test_id”"12345",,,,"partner_test_name""Personality Test",,,,"partner_interview_id"“ 299506”,,,,“ cantifate_email”“”}



For example, if alist_tests请求失败,温室只能提供API调188bet安卓APP用(在这种情况下为“ list_tests”)和各种错误(缺少键,意外数据类型等)。但是,如果一个test_status请求失败,我们可以提供更多信息(panter_test_id,partner_interview_id等),这些信息可能对调试目的有用。评估合作伙伴总是可以期望收到API_CALLanderrorsin the JSON body.

属性名称 Value Required Description
API_CALL 细绳 是的 生成畸形响应的API调用名称。
errors Array 是的 一系列字符串,描述了阻止响应验证的错误。
partner_test_id 细绳 No 确定组织可用的测试。最初作为对List Tests request
partner_test_name 细绳 No A human-readable string that identifies the test. Initially provided as a response to theList Tests request
partner_interview_id 细绳 No Identifies a candidate’s test.
cantifate_email 细绳 No 候选人的电子邮件地址。测试应发送到此地址。


API Response





Status Code Description
401 提供的API密钥未成功的身份验证。
404 这requested resource could not be found.