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Recruiting metrics

Recruitonomics: How to boost your recruiting strategy with labor market data

Looking back, 2021 was a challenging year for many recruiters. Recruiting costs significantly increased due to the intense competition for talent and the decrease in labor supply brought on by the…

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Recruiting metrics

Owning your quality of hire to recruit and retain top talent

Is quality of hire worth measuring? Crosschq’s recent research certainly indicates that it is; in fact, 39% of talent leaders consider it to be the most valuable metric for building winning teams.…

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Recruiting metrics

What is talent acquisition?

Learn about the importance of talent acquisition and how you can develop a top talent strategy.

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Recruiting metrics

What are recruitment KPIs?

Learn about the importance of recruitment KPIs and which metrics you should be tracking to measure success.

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Recruiting metrics

A talent leader’s guide to end-of-year recruiting reporting

The importance of recruiting reporting At the beginning of each year, companies begin to plan ahead with fresh goals and aspirations in mind. Understanding performance is key to setting…