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Employer brand

Talent Makers success stories: How a positive client relationship resulted in a great new hire

Being a Talent Maker means you’re open to engaging with talent everywhere – not just in your official candidate pipeline. You might even be surprised to find great talent through simple client…

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Employer brand

Company catfishing – new Greenhouse data shows candidates are swiping left on employer interview processes

Candidates are finding themselves caught on the end of an unreliable fishing line – company catfishing is rampant in the workplace. What exactly do we mean by that? We’ll share this new trend we’re…

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Employer brand

What’s next – The rise of the people-first company

Watch this on-demand keynote session featured at the 2022 Open Conference to understand how organizations can and should shift their mindset on success. You’ll discover why competitive advantage has…

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Employer brand

Managing retention: The employee life cycle

BambooHR hosted an on-demand webinar featuring panel experts from Greenhouse, BambooHR and 7Shifts. The panelists shared strategies about how to create an attractive and attentive experience for…

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Employer brand

What is employer branding?

Learn about the importance of employer branding and why it’s so important to focus on a strategy for your organization.

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