How to structure and optimize your email outreach campaigns

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寻找人才以符合角色所需的技能和经验可能是具有挑战性的。这就是为什么招聘人员能够提供个性化且经过深思熟虑的原因至关重要email outreach campaigns.

And since you’re probably not the only one sending outreach emails to prospects, you need to think about what might get them to respond to you.

If your emails are going to stand out from the rest, it’s important to be thoughtful in your approach to get prospects interested in opening your emails and learning more. Read on for our expert tips on how to structure and optimize your email outreach campaigns.

1. Determine your goals and KPIs

You can write more effective and engaging emails by outlining the goals and key performance indicators (KPIs) you’re looking for first. For an effective email outreach campaign, think about why you’re reaching out and what goals or outcomes you hope to achieve.

If you’re evaluating your email performance, your goals and KPIs can help you evaluate how to increase your open, click-through and reply rates. If you want to focus on assessing your sourcing and hiring performance, you might take a look at how many meetings were scheduled, the percentage of prospects that convert to candidates or the number of sourced candidates that advance to different interview stages.


2. Create segmented email lists

Use细分电子邮件列表to ensure you’re targeting the right people in your email outreach campaign. To build out your lists, you’ll first need to properly vet people and then segment them into different lists based on their job title, skills and any other relevant criteria.

One great way to segment people is by leveraging your organization’s talent CRM to create and organize your prospect or talent pools.



Here are some things to keep in mind whenpersonalizing your email templates:

  • 向您的团队询问他们使用的任何模板以获取一些灵感和想法来源,然后选择与您的目标保持一致的模板。
  • 更改一些关键元素,例如主题行,打开段落和呼吁行动,使模板与原始模板有所不同。
  • Perform an A/B test with a couple of variations each template to determine which one is most effective.



If you’ve run any previous campaigns, you can use that data to help you make a more educated guess on how long your next email outreach campaign should run. Knowing the average amount of email steps and the email frequency for past campaigns can also provide you with more insight.

You can also figure out how to best structure your campaign timeline and email frequency by testing how many touchpoints are needed to get an open, click or reply from prospects.



The best way to see what yields great results is to see what resonates with your prospects. By experimenting with different approaches, you can learn what works well and how to keep improving for long-term success.

Now that you know more about how to structure a great email outreach campaign, you can start putting these strategies into practice to ensure you’re running an optimal candidate sourcing strategy.

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Jennifer Vu

Jennifer Vu

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