How to scale your candidate outreach with email templates


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写信给被动候选人的周到的外展电子邮件有时可能很耗时且具有挑战性 - 但这并不一定。

扩展候选人外展的一种有效方法是创建电子邮件模板. Creating templates for your candidate outreach emails provides you with a toolkit that can be adapted to various outreach campaigns when sourcing candidates for multiple roles.




  1. Create building block templates
  2. Nurture prospects through storytelling
    Templates can be used to tell compelling stories and engage passive candidates. Including storytelling elements in your candidate outreach adds a personal touch that helps you nurture relationships with prospects.
  3. Save time


A good email template should include these key elements that you can customize as needed.

  1. 强大的主题行
    The主题行is your chance to capture the prospect's attention and convince them to read your email. It's critical to craft compelling and engaging subject lines, especially since this can increase your email open rate.
  2. Personalized message
    在创建引人入胜的电子邮件模板时,个性化您的候选人外展消息is essential. You can customize your emails by including relevant information about the prospect to show that you crafted it with them in mind.
  3. 简洁的消息传递
    A lengthy email can deter prospects from reading your email so keeping your messaging succinct is key. To keep your message short and sweet, focus on sharing relevant information that the prospect should know and that adds value to their experience.
  4. A clear call-to-action (CTA)
    Every email template should end with a clear call-to-action that tells the prospect the next steps to take. Your email should entice the prospect to connect with you in order to learn more about the job opportunity and the company.


Now that you've learned more about the benefits and elements of email templates, here are a few examples of the kinds of emails you’ll be sending in an outreach campaign to get you started:

  1. Introductory email
    Theintroductory emailis the first email step you'll send to the prospect. It also sets the tone for the rest of your candidate outreach so it’s crucial to make a great first impression with this email.
  2. 后续电子邮件
  3. Nurture email
    Similar to follow-up emails,nurture emailsare used to share timely information to spark conversations and keep prospects interested. These emails should entice them to join your company by providing updates on open roles, company awards or company culture.
  4. 分手电子邮件
    Thebreak-up emailis the last step in your candidate outreach, when you let the prospect know you’ll stop reaching out to them. It’s possible that the timing is off for them so it’s important to let them know they can reach back out to you if anything changes in the future.


If you’re not already using email templates in your candidate outreach messages, creating a template library is a great place to start so you have a variety of outreach messages to choose from. Once you start to build out your email template library, you’ll be able to quickly scale your candidate outreach and connect with great talent.

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