7 Companies with a game-changing candidate experience

7 companies with game changing candidate experience

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Life is sweet for the job seeker in today’s market –正在创造创纪录的工作数量,公司正在努力填补其公开角色。That means the pressure is on for employers. How can you stand out among all the competition and convince candidates that your company is the perfect place for them?

The employers that are succeeding in this tough talent market understand that it all comes down to candidate experience. It’s no longer enough to simply shuffle candidates from one stage to the next – being thoughtful and intentional about every interaction they have with your company is critical.



当希望改善其候选人体验时,Airbnb的招聘团队转向了对公司其他部门运作良好的设计实践:使用故事板来可视化118金博宝候选人旅程的每一步。根据Airbnb的招聘118金博宝博客,“”我们的核心价值“每个框架都很重要”证明了情节板。我们的创始人邀请艺术家帮助我们visualize both the host and guest experience on Airbnb, and we use these frames to think about how we can simplify, streamline, and improve the experience. We’ve applied this method to the interview process and we share these frames because they represent how we think about recruiting: each frame is meaningful and unique as a standalone, and yet when we consider them as a whole, they comprise a holistic picture that’s greater than the sum of its parts.透明

Through this process of radically empathizing with candidates, the team identified several areas they wanted to focus on and improve, including how to gracefully pass on candidates, set expectations about timing, and celebrate the company’s culture and branding through communication and the onsite experience. Learn more in “How Airbnb Used Storyboarding to Revamp Its Candidate Experience。”

2. Digitalocean:在每个阶段优先考虑透明度

In a recent webinar, “Driving a Positive Candidate Experience with Scale at the Wheel,” Digitalocean的招聘118金博宝运营经理Olivia Melman分享了她的团队在候选人体验的每个阶段如何优先考虑透明度。这建立了信任,并建立了招聘团队与与他们联系的候选人之间建立牢固的关系。118金博宝

大多数候选人往往对申请和面试过程中的期望有类似的疑问,尤其是在现场面试时。预见到这一点,Digitalocean的招聘团队为候选人创造了中央资118金博宝源中心。Check it out herefor some inspiration for your own candidate-facing content. Bonus: Not only does this show candidates you care about their experience, it can also save recruiters’ time. No more back and forth emails answering the same questions over and over again!

Screenshot of DigitalOcean’s central hub of resources for candidates.

DigitalOcean’s recruiting team also strives to be transparent with candidates who don’t receive offers after they’ve participated in an onsite interview. Recruiters make themselves available for phone calls with candidates to provide them with feedback on why they weren’t selected for the role. This practice demonstrates a commitment to candidates and a desire to help them better prepare for other interviews.


由Q管理,引起了人们的注意New York Timesfor its unique business model, paying competitive wages and offering benefits in an industry that’s generally in a race to the bottom. In the New York Times piece, Adam Davidson writes, “[由Q首席执行官管理] Teran认为,大多数美国业务,尤其是Uber等快速成长的初创公司,都将短期收益误认为长期价值,削弱了收入的份额,这些收入份额以这种方式流向工人,而这种方式会损害这种收入他们的底线。他认为,甚至更根本地认为,在美国的不平等和停滞的工资上升并不是资本主义的不可避免的副产品。相反,他们来自一个简单的误解,即如何最好地部署工人并认识到他们带给公司的价值。透明

Managed by Q’s commitment to employees extends to the way the company treats candidates as well. Through extensive data collection and analysis, the company observed that traditional markers of success like education, industry experience and recommendations from employers are not closely correlated with success among Q employees. Instead, they identified the personality characteristics of optimism and empathy, and then designed the interview process around assessing these qualities.

Removing unnecessary stages from the interview process and focusing on identifying the qualities of successful employees is the ultimate game-changing approach to candidate experience. Not only does it demonstrate that you respect candidates’ time and energy, it also increases your chances of hiring people who will be the right fit for your organization.

4. Booking.com:将以候选内容为中心的内容提高到一个全新的水平



But Booking’s candidate-focused content doesn’t just live on their website. They also put together in-person events, like the recent Recruiter Hiring Day they hosted at the Amsterdam HQ. Events like these give candidates the opportunity to meet the team, take a tour of the office and interview.

5. Slack: Focusing on diversity & inclusion

When it comes to diversity and inclusion, Slack has made a name for itself in the tech world and beyond. After公开分享the company’s ethnic and gender makeup and its strategies for improving diversity and inclusion, it gained attention from mainstream news like The Atlantic, which published “How Slack Got Ahead in Diversity。”作者杰西卡·诺德尔(Jessica Nordell)召集了Slack候选人经验的几个方面,这些方面经过重新制作,以促进招聘实践,从而使来自所有背景的候选人受益。

In addition to reworking job descriptions with more inclusive phrases like “care deeply” and “build relationships,” Slack eliminated whiteboard interviews (which can create extra stress for people from underrepresented backgrounds) and replaced them with blind code reviews. Nordell writes, “Not only does this help eliminate stereotype threat, but it assures candidates they’ll be judged fairly.” Candidates are also given the option to perform their assessment onsite, a practice that’s more inclusive for people who care for family members at home.

Slack is also serious about itsstructured interview process, introducing consistent questions that are designed to assess candidates on specific skills and characteristics. Anyone who will be conducting interviews at Slack also practices through a series of role-plays with coworkers. This improves interviewers’ skills, raises awareness of how bias can arise during the process and ensures that candidates are treated thoughtfully and consistently during interviews.

6. Docusign:认真对待收集反馈


Screenshot of DocuSign's candidate survey

The survey goes out to all candidates (regardless of whether they received an offer) and asks them to rate recruiters against statements like “My recruiter gave me a good overview of DocuSign and the value proposition,” “My recruiter provided me with timely updates on the status of my application” and “My recruiter treated me with respect throughout the process.” It also includes the standard Net Promoter Score question: “Based on your experience as a candidate, how likely are you to recommend DocuSign to others?” After one year of collecting data and assessing recruiters through this survey, DocuSign saw the candidate Net Promoter Score go up 55%.

关于如何使用候选调查的更多想法Yes, You Can Measure the Candidate Experience. Here’s How!透明

7. Nerdwallet:建立与候选人的真正联系

Even in its early stages, NerdWallet was creating a unique candidate experience. In aFirst Round Review文章《 Flo Thinh的副总裁》分享了该公司首席执行官如何与前首席运营官Dan Yoo组织晚餐。只有事实证明,丹(Dan)像弗洛(Flo)一样,尚未接受Nerdwallet的报价。首席执行官蒂姆·陈(Tim Chen)希望,通过在Flo和Dan之间建立联系,他说服了他们俩都加入公司 - 而且奏效了!弗洛说:“如果我可以总结自己的招聘经历,我会说这是非常真实的。蒂姆·谢泼德(Tim Shepherd)整个过程。如果他想关闭我,他就做了一份工作。”

Now that Flo heads up the People team at NerdWallet, she looks for ways to build on that authentic candidate experience she enjoyed. NerdWallet takes relationship-building very seriously. Recruiters carefully comb through candidates’ social media profiles to learn about their favorite foods and sports teams and create hyper-personalized outreach. They strategically share the benefits package before extending an offer so candidates have time to review it with their families and make a fully informed decision. And when candidates come in for an onsite interview, they receive a tour of the office along with a guide to help them decode room names. This small gesture creates a sense of inclusion, letting candidates in on some of NerdWallet’s company culture.

这里的故事和我们共享策略just how broad the concept of candidate experience really is. It’s not just about the brief window when a candidate comes to your office for an onsite, but rather every touchpoint they have with recruiters, hiring managers and other members of your team. Zoom out to look at the big picture – how your company thinks about employees and which values matter most – but don’t forget to zoom in on those little details, too. Taking both of these approaches will help you create a truly game-changing candidate experience.

Melissa Suzuno

Melissa Suzuno

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